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Gandy Marley Inc.

Welcome to Gandy Marley Inc.'s (GMI) oilfield waste facility (NM-711-1-0019).  We are New Mexico's safest full service oilfield waste disposal and remediation facility.  GMI opened in 1995 with an OCD permitted landfarm.  We followed that with a liquid stabilization unit in June of 1996.  In February of 2006 we opened our OCD permitted, double lined landfill.

Located just west of the Caprock escarpment between Roswell and Tatum, NM, GMI's facility has undergone extensive geological and hydrological studies.  The facility sits on Upper Dockum Triassic redbed clays of very low permeability.  Groundwater is all but non existent and of extremely poor quality.

From drilling waste (mud or fluids), tank bottoms, hydrocarbon impacted soils, or whatever your oilfield waste disposal needs may be; Gandy Marley Inc. can offer you a safe and efficient solution.  Call or email for a full list of services and pricing.

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