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RMarley has been transporting Asphalt and Asphalt/Emulsion products since 2012.  During this time, RMarley has grown to support operations throughout New Mexico, Texas and Colorado.  Our continued expansion into this industry is done in partnership with our customers, as we look to provide a cost-effective and reliable solution to transporting hot product to the jobsite in a timely manner.  RMarley will continue to expand operations in this division to be able to provide even more efficient service to our existing customers, while opening up opportunities to do the same with additional clients.


RMarley began operations by providing roll-off transportation and roll-off solutions to oilfield operations.  The commitment to service and quality that led to initial success has become a cornerstone for all other business endeavors.  The RMarley Roll-Off Division provides a wide range of capabilities to meet your environmental needs.  Whether it is sealed mud bins for drill cuttings and contaminated soils, vacuum bins for fluids and slurries, oversized trash bins for location clean-up and maintenance, or other unique requirements; RMarley has the fleet and the employees capable of handling the job.




Proppant logistics has become a significant hurdle in the hydraulic fracturing process throughout the Permian Basin.  RMarley has grown to become a leader in proppant transport throughout the region.  By providing trained personnel, dedicated on-site support, 24-hr dispatch and new fleet equipment; RMarley leads the way in solving your company's growing demands by providing timely proppant delivery to the well site.  Our fleet is constantly expanding to handle increased demand.


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